Friday, 9 March 2012

My Idol..My Icon..


My Favourite person that I always love to have as a background an example of a role model or just someone I am amazed by will be MARILYN MONROE. I like MARILYN MONROE because she is outgoing,interesting,beautiful and not afraid to speak her mind. She was a famous actress,singer and model.The one thing I love most about her is how she can say anythings she feels and not be afraid to say it.I look up to her braveness and outgoing personality.She made a huge impression in history and in peoples life.

I can always say im inspired by MARIYLN MONROE. She was beautiful,talented and wild.Her modeling pictures show her happiness and her braveness to show off her body and smile.She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or show it.Most of her picture are of her showing off her body which she wasn’t ashamed of.Some of them even smiling or laughing as her life was perfect.I look up to her for these reasons because she lived her life the way she wanted,happy and free.She was so beautiful.Her look today is copied by famous people such as Lindsay Lohan and Christina Alguleira.Short,blonde,curled hair and her red lipstick was her simple famous appearance.

Marilyn was in a lot of movies of her time.She was a great actress and singer.She sang song s such as “Diamonds Are a Girl Bestfriend”, which that quote still said today.Her “Dumb Blonde” character made a lot of her movies comedy.She received a Golden Globe Nomination.In 1999,Monroe was ranked the sixth greatest female star of all the time by American Film Institute.She acted from 1947-1962.I haven’t see any of Marilyn’s movies but I hope to watch one when I get the chance.Her personality inspires me so her acting may inspire me more with her braveness and outgoing spirit.
MARILYN MONROE died at the age of 36 on August 5,1962.Found by the housekeeper, Monroe’s pcsychoanalyst said her dead was caused by acute barbiturate poisoning.Dr Thomas Noguchi called it a “probable suicide”. Some believe she was murdered,like Officer Jack Chemmons,the first officer to arrive at her deadth.Marilyn had been dead for at last 6 hours before she was found.Even though no one really know why or how Monroe overdosed in pills,her time in story still famous as she was alive.

I can always look up to her when I need inspiration.Even yhough she is not alive today,her memory is still living.I hope to have a personality like hers one day and the spirit to live life the way I want to without being judged.Her time in history made a big impact to people of her time and for mine because her memory still live.Her quotes are also still famous and used by any kind of person.I like her quotes because they sat the truth and I can understand what she saying.Many of her quotes represent her life and how she used her own word to get through themselves.